Friday, March 14, 2008

If It's Good Enough For "Kristen", Count Me In, Too!

From the Times Of London:

The call-girl who brought down the Governor of New York moved yesterday to use her new-found celebrity to boost her flagging singing career.

Ashley Alexandra Dupré, a struggling singer, uploaded a new track to Amie Street, an online music-seller, hours after she was exposed as the prostitute Kristen talking on tape about the disgraced Eliot Spitzer.

Ms Dupré apparently hopes to cash in on her notoriety with sales of her CD Unspoken Words. At about midnight local time on Wednesday she logged on to the website to upload Move Ya Body, a second track from the album. Move Ya Body and the first track, Can You Handle Me, Boy?, quickly surged to the site’s maximum price of 98 cents, based on popular demand. “This is definitely the most traffic we have had,” Joshua Boltuch, a spokesman, told The Times.

More than four million people viewed Ms Dupré’s MySpace page before it was taken down yesterday, and hundreds of thousands downloaded her songs from there.

Penthouse magazine said it would consider offering her a cover shot. Diane Silberstein, the publisher, said that Penthouse would make a photo shoot “worth her while”.

What was I thinking? If I can get rich and famous by bringing down a Governor as a high-priced call girl, then why am I messing around with resumes and cover letters? I'm getting me some lingerie and Martin O'Malley's phone number! (If this doesn't work, perhaps the thought of seeing me in a nighty will scare some employer into offering me a job!)

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