Monday, March 10, 2008

Who's gonna police the police?

Did you hear about the conundrum that the Montgomery County police department is finding itself in concerning its officers routinely getting speed camera tickets and refusing to pay for them? The cops' own union is advising officers not to pay, and police lieutenants are now having to investigate the tickets individually to determine whether the officers are actually responding to calls or are simply leadfooting it around town. I'm a leadfoot myself, and I have, unfortunately, received more than one of these little 40-dollar beauties in the mail. If I had to pay, then the cops should, in my mind, certainly have to pay as well. If there is any valid reason for a police officer to be speeding past speed cameras, then they ought have their lights going. And if their lights are not going, then the cops should have to pay for their impatience... Perhaps we should just get rid of speed cameras altogether, but that's another story.

If we live in a society where the cops live by one standard and everyone else lives by another, then it's only a matter of time before complete anarchy sets in... Whatcha think about THAT, Nehman?

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