Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Ocho Cinco? Dios Mio, No!!!

Well, it's April 23rd... No better time than now to kiss the Redskins' season goodbye! Forget the fact that they don't start playing for real until September... The truth is that with Joe Gibbs gone to NASCAR-land, the idiots are once again ruling the asylum. Danny(Snyder) and Vinny(Cerrato) are back to playing fantasy football... offering the Skins' first round pick this year and a third rounder (that could elevate to a top pick) in 2009 for one of the biggest loudmouths in the NFL - Bengals wideout Chad Johnson.

THANKFULLY - the Bengals have turned down the Redskins' offer. But that may not really be good news. Dan Snyder usually doesn't take no for an answer. What happens if he offers MORE picks to the Bengals for Johnson? Oy.
For you non-football fans, Chad Johnson is a receiver from the same mold as Terrell Owens... a guy who has mighty talent... and a need to suck every bit of oxygen out of a locker room. His ego is super-sized, and it takes a great quarterback, and a lot of coaching savvy to keep someone liek that happy and productive. Jason Campbell is not a great quarterback, and first year coach Jim Zorn has an offense that may need most of the season to learn his system. You think Ocho Cinco will stay patient through that?
Thank goodness for the resurgence of the Caps and the Wizards... because if the Redskins go back to playing Star Search, you can stick a fork in the Hogs for this year.

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Anonymous said...

You know who they need in the front office, Carl Peterson. He has done a bang up job of destroying a once proud franchise in the Kansas City Chiefs and is still at work trading away our best player in Jared Allen. Yes, I do believe he would work for the Redskins. He could finish the annual roster demolition that Snyder/Cerrato handle so diligently now.