Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Indiana Jones And The Raiders Of Madison Avenue!

The Matthews caught the new Indy flick at a nearly-sold out show at 10:40 in the morning yesterday... Other folks obviously had the same idea to try and avoid the sellout crowds. I am happy to report without giving away any plot lines that the movie was, as predicted, thoroughly enjoyable and a fun family bonding moment! There were fun homages to earlier Indy movies, and even to George Lucas' very first film, American Graffiti (which also happened to feature a very young Harrison Ford)! I thought there WERE parts that were over-the-top and more than a little bit of a stretch, but hey - we're talking about a senior citizen superhero here... From that point-of-view, it's ALL over the top!

I'm glad we finally saw the film, because the inevitable burnout factor over Indy is coming sooner than ever! I literally could not walk into a store over the weekend without hearing the Indy theme playing somewhere, or an Indiana Jones promotional tie-in for SOMETHING on display... And then there was THIS - which Mrs. Matthews just HAD to have!

Yes - it's "Taters of The Lost Ark", from the same folks who brought you "Darth Tater"!

You think it's EASY being married to a pre-school teacher?

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