Thursday, June 26, 2008

My Life As Word Art!

I was checking out the blog of my friend, Dr. Deb Serani, and she had this cool widget on there called Wordle... In essence, it takes a group of words and turns it into "word art" for lack of a better term. I took the tag words for all of my blog entries and entered them into Wordle, and here's what came out:

You can click on the art to see it in its full size... You can easily rejigger the Wordle to look any random way you'd like, with a variety of different fonts, colors and effects... The coolest part, for me, is that the size of the word is relative to the number of times the word is mentioned as a tag on my blog. Hmm... I must talk about myself a lot, huh? Check out your own wordle right here!

1 comment:

Deb said...

Great stuff. I wish the wordle could be bigger to view on the blog page. Alas, I showing my age! The only way I can see what you wrote is to click on your wordle and view it large and in charge at the wordle site!