Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Get MAD This Holiday Weekend!

The best new show on television (as opposed to LOST, which is the best show on TV, period) comes out on DVD today - I'm speaking about "Mad Men", the drama that takes us to Madison Avenue, circa 1960, when men were men and women were sex objects, and when excessive smoking and drinking were encouraged in the workplace! What makes this show so attractive for baby-boomers is that this is how we remember our parents - especially in the scenes in the suburbs... The lead character, Don Draper, takes the train home every night to a wife who greets him with a drink in hand and dinner in the oven - kinda like the Dick Van Dyke show, but with real-life pressures.

I was surprised to find out recently that many, if not most, people I've spoken with had not heard of "Mad Men"... Perhaps because it aired on AMC, and it debuted as a summer series. The show's pedigree is impeccable - it's creator was one of the Executive Producers for "The Sopranos", and you can see some of the same familiar touches. The show has a highly stylized look (1960 modern - just like my living room growing up), and it uses music to make subtle points, just as the Sopranos did.

Check out this clip, then get on Netflix and check it out! You can thank me later.

Season Two begins July 27th, so now is a perfect time for you to get caught up!

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