Friday, August 8, 2008

John Edwards Can Go To Hell.

Former Democratic Presidential candidate John Edwards admitted in an interview prepared for ABC's Nightline that he DID have an affair with a woman a couple of years ago, and then spent months during his run for President lying about it. This pisses me off.

I have never been a fan of John Edwards, and always pictured him as kind of a weak Vice Presidential candidate teamed with a weak Presidential candidate four years ago. But neither his politics nor his proclivity for extra-marital dalliances are what pisses me off about John Edwards.

I'm upset because every time a guy like this goes out and blatantly lies to the American people about his own character, it hurts the institution of the Presidency a little bit more. After we hear about Bill Clinton and guys like John Edwards, is there really any reason at all to believe anything that comes out of John McCain's or Barack Obama's mouths? Why should we as Americans throw our votes to either of these guys? What have they done to earn our trust?
I've certainly heard more than enough pandering from all of the candidates who are seemingly willing to say just about anything to win my vote - and wait - it's only August!

McCain may be the greatest guy on planet Earth... and Barack Obama may walk on water. But every time a politician beats his chest about honesty and integrity and then comes out to be a liar just like all of the other power-hungry troglodytes, it brings everyone else down a peg.

One other thing specifically about John Edwards... I was pissed at him even before the affair came out. His wife has stage 4 terminal cancer, and she busted her ass campaigning for him - something which quite possibly shortened her life. The Edwards have a seven-year-old son who is going to lose his mother one of these days. She should have been home spending quality time time with that boy instead of being off trying to get her cheating, lying husband elected. Now, I imagine this latest scandal could further push her health over the edge. But I don't have too much sympathy for Elizabeth Edwards. She is still a politician's wife, and I would not be surprised at all to see her sitting by Johnny's side on Oprah or with Diane Sawyer to stand by her man.

That boy deserves better.

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Austin Fitness Trainer said...

The end of John Edwards, I don't thinks so; he is too craven. I would hope he would dedicate all his time to his family. I suppose their private affairs are none of our business. Newt, Foley, L. Craig, Livingston, Vitter, Spitzer, McGrevey, Packwood, Clinton – there is a long list of public people with personal failings. I am not put off by the act or the lying (What do they have to lose at that point?), and as a general rule, I don’t think adultery should be a disqualifier for office. What is repellent to me is the hypocrisy, the cravenness that they hold on to power after being caught, and the humiliation their spouses have to endure when used as props when they make public admissions. They are self-absorbed malignant narcissists. Bob Packwood ran for reelection. Bob Livingston did it right; he got caught and resigned in hours. I did notice McCain gave a firm no comment to the Edwards affair.