Friday, September 12, 2008

A Brad Matthews Update!

This Just In... As reported earlier this week, my boy, Brad has been named to Sherwood High School's "A" team "It's Academic" squad. It was initially thought that Brad would be serving as an alternate - the fourth member of a 3-person TV team. However, we just learned that Brad will indeed be on the team that will appear on television later this fall. It's quite an honor, as Brad will be the only sophomore, playing with two seniors!

By the way - by actually making the TV squad, Brad surpasses NY Senator and former First Lady Hillary Clinton, who only managed alternate status on her high school's It's Academic team... And Brad joins the ranks alongside our good friend, Bill Vanko, who was captain of the It's Academic team at Loch Raven High School back in 1976! (He's the beardless wonder in the middle below!)

Congratulations, son!

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