Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Some Friendly Financial Advice

More than six months after my involuntary dispatch from WMAL, I am still cleaning up the pieces... Specifically speaking, I am currently reinvesting the small pittance of cash that I had accumulated in the Citadel 401k plan during the eight months that I had worked for that company.

While I am doing this chore, I am also having a financial planner make some suggestions concerning my Disney 401k, which I had been contributing to for years until Disney sold our station and made me an ex-cast member.

The financial planner I'll be working with is Dan, the nice young guy from Merrill Lynch who took me, along with some other radio buddies, on a very unsuccessful fishing trip in the Chesapeake Bay a couple of months back. Here's hoping Dan is a lot more successful with my money than he was with a rod and reel! I'm sure Dan is already working on his speech explaining how my money will be safe, even though Merrill Lynch sold itself to Bank of America in a financial fire sale earlier this week!

I'm not particularly worried about who will be handling my money going forward, because they could hardly do a worse job of handling it than I have!

Here is some very important advice to anyone who has a 401k plan but hasn't looked at how it's doing lately. NOW IS NOT THE TIME TO LOOK! The Dow has dropped about a thousand points this week, closing yesterday at a three-year low. I guarantee you will be shocked if you take a peek. I had to print out a statement so I can review it with Dan, and I swear I got the vapors... OUCH!

Me? I'm no longer looking for one job... I better be looking for two!

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