Sunday, November 30, 2008

Black Friday Blues!

I feel like I haven't posted for a year, but I think spending a week at WMAL, and getting to work by 3:45am kind of did me in! I woke up yesterday feeling sick and spent the day sucking on Cold-eeze and napping off and on all day.

By contrast, my lovely bride has not stopped moving! She's been in her element ever since 5 am on Friday morning, when the Wal-Mart in Germantown opened. For the past several years, Robin has been WMAL's un-named Black Friday correspondent, calling in and doing a fabulous job of describing the mayhem that IS the morning after Thanksgiving.

No one died in Germantown this year, but if you listen to this, you can hear Robin describe the mayhem... It's no wonder a store clerk was trampled to death in New York!

During this particular year, Robin and I were somewhat of a tag team. She kept calling me at WMAL to offer some audio for the broadcast, as well as to consult with me on what she should or should not be buying. When she reported trouble reaching the electronics department to pick up some new movies that were selling for 9 bucks, I went on and bought the movies online for the same price - they were having a Black Friday sale, too! It turns out that Robin couldn't reach electronics because Wal-Mart's biggest deal of the day was a flat panel TV for 700 bucks... and the people buying them were clogging the aisles trying to get them out of the store.

This year, with me being underemployed, the search for bargains is more important than ever! But Robin will not be denied... She buys everything, and then decides later that most of it is going to be returned - and that just gives her another excuse to go back to the store! After leaving the house at 3:45 Friday morning, she did not get home until nearly 6 pm Friday evening - clearly exhausted but anxious to eat dinner and go back out into the fray... Fortunately, a hot shower and a warm meal did her in... But she then proceeded to be out shopping for another 5 hours on Saturday afternoon, and another 4 hours Saturday night.

'Tis the season to go shopping - thank the Lord I'm too sick to go along!

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