Tuesday, December 2, 2008

It's Honeydew Time...

... Or perhaps that would be more accurately spelled "honey-do" time, as in "Honey, do this..." or "Honey, do that..." With my recent run of work at WMAL and at ABC News coming to an end, the Missus is after me to get my domestic responsibilities in gear - in this case, getting up the holiday lights.

We're not talking about a string of lights flung around the nearest evergreen. No, Christmas at the Matthews is something more akin to Walt Disney World meets the Las Vegas strip. It is a multi-day multi-media experience... Something that drives my electric bill up by 30% each December, and quite frankly, something that is getting to be a bigger pain in the ass every year... Not that the Missus cares!

So if anyone needs me today, I'll be the one outside getting my fingers stuck by pine needles, climbing the ladder to hang homemade Mickey heads, and stringing enough electric cable to send men to the moon and back! I'll post pictures when I'm done... or you can just drive up Georgia Avenue through Olney, and I guarantee you'll find us!

Feliz Freakin' Navidad!

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