Wednesday, January 21, 2009

...And One More Thing!

Following up on my previous post in which I chided the Democrats who mocked President Bush as he took his seat at the Inauguration...

It was no less disgraceful that Rush Limbaugh mocked the incoming President as he made sarcastic comments while speaking over the inauguration ceremony yesterday, an action that was, in itself, an insult. I think Limbaugh has been an important part of the American political landscape, but I also firmly believe that this nation has come to a point where we need collegiality, not divisiveness, to move forward.

It would be difficult (and counter-productive) to point the finger of blame at any one group or industry for bringing the talk radio/TV business to where it is today, but I am really starting to think it is harming us as a nation. Corporations are making a lot of money by asking Americans to essentially choose sides - to ask the question "Are you for us, or against us?" at a time when we really all need to be in this mess together.

You can blame Rush, but he's not alone, and conservatives are not alone to blame. Chris Matthews and Bill Press and Al Franken and Keith Olbermann are just as divisive as Sean Hannity and Michael Savage and any other conservative talker you can name.

As I write this, we are less than 24 hours into a new administration, and I have already seen and heard more than enough gloating and griping to last for the next four years!

This is no doubt the most idealistic thing that this cynic will ever write, but for once, I wish we could all choose to follow the lead of our friends in Howard County, Maryland, who are becoming well known for posting this sticker on their bumpers:

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