Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thanks, Fred!

I'd like to thank former Gopher and former Member of Congress - WMAL morning host Fred Grandy - for coming down with the flu! Thanks to Fred's kindness (and germ sensitivity), I have been hired to work the rest of the week as a fill-in writer/news anchor. Such is the life of a freelance radio guy in this economy! We get to eat when others start barfing!

As such, with this new unexpected early morning workload, you can expect my blog to be a little leaner than usual this week, filled with useless fluff like this - A 2001 clip of largely-unknown Illinois State Senator Barack Obama giving his personal review of a restaurant on Public Access TV!

Oh - and for anyone interested, you can hear me anchoring the rest of this week at 9:02, 10:02 and 11:02 am on 630 WMAL!

1 comment:

Julie Matthews said...

Obama looks like he's 15 years old! And what's with the chick who is wearing Grandma's glasses from 1963?