Sunday, March 8, 2009

One Hundred Percent Grade A Ham!

11-year-old Spencer Matthews was in the Greenwood Elementary Variety Show over the weekend... He performed in several numbers, including "Thriller", "Cool" from "West Side Story", and this number, "Rock On". He's number six on your screen and number one in our hearts. All of the kids are wearing NFL jerseys from real players, including Spencer. He's wearing the jersey of Shane Matthews, who quarterbacked for the Redskins under Steve Spurrier!

Robin (who teaches Kindergarten at Greenwood) and I took out an ad in the show's program in support of Spencer. It read:

Your Mom's a teacher in our school
So stand up straight and please don't drool!
Not when you "thrill" us as a ghoul
Nor when you sing and dance in "Cool".
You're talented more than a tad
The biggest ham we've ever had!
So "break a leg", our favorite lad...
We love you - Mom and Dad and Brad!

Way to go, Spence!

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