Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay!

The Matthews family had the extreme pleasure again last night of attending the 38th annual Sherwood High School Rock and Roll Revival. We saw the show for the first time last year, and were blown away then by the quality of the production. This year's show proved to be every bit as good, with a cast of hundreds (literally) working their hearts out to give the best performance they could.

If you're skeptical - wondering how good a bunch of high school kids can be... just check this out - one of the highlights of the show! ( I HAD posted a song from this year's show, but it has since been removed from youtube. Here's a song from the revival of two years ago...)

I've learned in recent days that a lot of high schools in the region are now doing these revivals, but Sherwood was the first... and I would dare say, still the best! Because of the tough economy, the school had a bit of trouble selling out the show, but believe me - three hours of rock and roll and dancing was worth far more than the price of admission!
My 15-year-old is still grumbling about this, but I am DETERMINED to get him into this show next year! He can stand in the back and sing "ooo" for all I care. But being on stage was a big part of his Dad's high school life, and the boy needs to know there's more to his teenage years than being moody and obnoxious!

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John Matthews said...

Sorry, folks - The owner of the video has taken it down... If he puts it back up, I'll put it back on the blog... But trust me - it was GOOD!