Friday, March 6, 2009

Turn On Your Radio Wayback Machine!

Found this on youtube, and had to throw it up on the ol' blog... If you're not in the radio business, you may have never given any thought as to where radio jingles come from. Well, it so happens that MANY of them over the years - and especially back in the 80's - came from a single source - JAM Productions, a jingle house in Dallas Texas, where people would go to work every day and sing radio call letters and DJ names, and produce what were known as
"JAM packages" - the jingles that gave your favorite station its unique sound.

Nowadays, with formats so splintered - production values and styles have changed, and all kinds of places are doing radio production. But give this video a look and listen. Back in the mid 80's, the folks at JAM produced a song full of jingles - a novelty sent out to stations to promote the jingle company. Someone just recently turned the jingle song into a video, And the rest is solid gold radio history. Enjoy!

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