Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Lies And Falsehoods!

I have two items on the plate for you this morning, my readers (or is that reader? or is that NO ONE?)... and both of them have to do with the truth - or lack thereof.

Item one is personal and possibly affects my future employment. I offer you this headline from

Carlson & Matthews (Not Chris) To Fox News? - 3/18 - DCRTV hears that Tucker Carlson is planning to heard straight to Fox News as soon as his NBC/MSNBC contract is up, and his non-compete clause expires. Carlson ain't happy that his MSNBC show got axed. Also, look for former WMAL News Director John Matthews to also wind up at Fox News, in some behind-the-scenes gig, we're told. More soon.....

The problem with this headline is that there is not one shred of truth to it. To my knowledge, I have never spoken with anyone from Fox News in my entire life. I am not opposed at all to working for Fox News, but this rumor is simply made up from whole cloth! Let this be a lesson to all - Not everything you read on the internet is true... and that goes DOUBLE for DCRTV. (This blog is a notable exception, of course!)

Item two is, by comparison, totally trivial... but it also speaks to a lack of credibility. I am talking, of course, about the judging on "Dancing With The Stars"! In general, I usually agree with the judges' marks on the show, but every once in a while, you just KNOW they received their marching orders from on high. Priscilla Presley, who, by the way, should have a lawsuit pending against her plastic surgeon, received glowing remarks and scores! See for yourself!
A 24 out of 30 for her first dance of the competition... ABC has been pimping (yes, I said PIMPING, Nehman... whadda ya think about THAT?) Presley as THE star for the new season, and they made damn sure their star wasn't going to be the first woman out the door! If she had a 24 in week one, how long will it take for her to reach perfection? Week 2? I smell FIX!


Bill said...

Hey John ... just show up first thing Monday morning at Fox News. Your best suit, briefcase, box of office suppies -- and ask, "Where's my office? I'm ready to start." Who's gonna admit that nobody actually got around to filling out the paperwork to hire you?

Jen Richer said...

I was so impressed! Do you know how hard it is to fall gracefully? And then to have a hot latino pick you up? I've been trying for years!