Friday, March 21, 2008

They Should Ban Drive-Thru Lanes And Car Radios, Too!

Watch out, people- he's getting up on the soapbox!

It now appears likely that Maryland will soon ban the use of cell phones while driving. The Senate has passed the measure on a party-line vote, and it's now headed to the House in Annapolis. All of this in the name of highway safety. Ok, fine. The bill would allow drivers to continue to cell-chat by using a hands-free device, so apparently the safety issue is that drivers should have both hands on the wheel, and apparently NOT that phone conversation itself can be a distraction. So follow this line of logic with me... If holding a cell phone while driving is unsafe, how about trying to eat a Whopper while driving? How about reaching to change radio stations? How about applying lipstick in the rear-view mirror? How about reaching in the backseat to give your kid a good whack when he deserves it? Shouldn't all of THOSE things be illegal as well?

Look... we've all been annoyed by seeing other drivers doing asinine things while talking on their cell phones. But choosing one distraction over another is a slippery slope. A lapful of spilled ketchup is every bit as likely to cause an accident as a cell phone call. So how soon will it be before drive thrus are boarded up? Just give it time, people!

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