Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thanks, But No Thanks!

If looking for a job is a new experience for me (and it is), then so is facing my first rejection notice. The envelope arrived in Friday's mail, and at first, I had no suspicion at all of what might be inside... another form to fill out for a drug test, perhaps? Nah. It was your standard "thanks, but no thanks" letter, complete with a promise to retain my resume in case something more suitable comes up. I had been through two interviews with the company in question, and had actually made the mistake of putting the odds of being hired in my favor... But the biggest shock to me, frankly, was that I actually received the letter via snail mail! I've hired probably 25 people in my career, and I never mailed out letters to the people I didn't hire (shame on me!). I usually DID drop emails in later years, but the notion of paper letters seems so... 20th Century! The application process today is so intertwined with email and websites, that the thought of using a letter carrier to bring me the news had simply never occured to me. Still, bully to my non-employer for rejecting me quickly and with a minimum of pain. Knowing I did NOT get the job makes it much easier for me to plow ahead with more applications - online, of course!

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