Friday, May 23, 2008

It Doesn't Matter If It's John Matthews or Chris Matthews - Political Pundits Don't Know Squat!

While digging around for Friday morning blog fodder, I ran across articles in both Time and the Politico about the possible benefits and downsides of an Obama/Clinton ticket in the Presidential election. The pundits interviewed in the articles had all kinds of strong opinions about whether such a plan would unite Democrats and ensure success in November, or throw more votes to McCain because fence-sitting voters who do like one of the candidates, but DON'T like the other would have reason to flee.

I don't know which direction voters would go, but I do know this for sure... Political pundits don't know what will happen any more than you or I do. Their guesses are just that - guesses, and they are not even particularly educated ones because nearly all of these gasbags are naturally inclined to try and wish their particular point of view to be true.

How do I know these guys are all full of hot air? Because I can put myself in their shoes. All of us are political pundits to some degree. We all make predictions about what will happen in high-profile races, than wait to see if our guesses turned out right. It's no different than taking part in an office football pool. And like nearly all Americans, I thought the primary races were going to be over back in February. What has happened since has been completely unpredictable, which is why no one predicted it. And no one could have guessed the 2000 Bush-Gore race would have turned out the way it did, either!

Sit back and watch, America... Barack, baby... you can listen to the pundits or you can flip a coin in deciding whether to take Hillary along for the ride. At this point, I'd say one strategy is no better than the other! And I will also say this (being a pundit and all)... If you DO take Hillary as your running mate, I think it will provide an instant yea or nay for millions of Americans. Some will be with you from now to November. And some will never consider you again. I know MY decision will be made for me, depending on what you do. Choose wisely.

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