Saturday, May 24, 2008

Hillary's Scarlet Letter

In the blog entry just prior to this one, I took political pundits to the woodshed for not really being up to the task of projecting what will happen at any given point in the presidential campaign. I also ventured to guess that would include whether an Obama/Clinton ticket (in that order) would be a road to redemption or a road to Hell. Well, I still believe we have no real way of knowing whether the Barack/Hillary team would win in November... THAT much is still a 50/50 proposition. But - I think the chances of there BEING a Obama/Clinton match just plummeted because of Hillary's stupid remark about the Bobby Kennedy assassination.

Now, in Hillary's defense, by alluding to assassination, I think she was only recognizing the 800-pound gorilla that has been stomping around in the minds of most Americans... that President Obama would perhaps face a heightened chance of facing an assassination attempt if elected. But by using the "A" word as others in her camp have been quietly trying to line her up for a Vice Presidential slot, I think Hillary has shot (sorry, my bad for the pun) her chances of getting the number two spot on the ticket. Just as with Hester Prynne, "A" may just prove to be Hillary Clinton's Scarlet Letter.

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Bill said...

John, you couldn't be more right about this.

Whatever chance she may have had of joining the ticket is now so much dust in the wind. Only fools will believe that she was merely pointing out that some primary campaigns last into June (never mind the fact that in '68, Bobby didn't even enter the race until March).

And you know what? I think we have not yet heard the last stupid remark from HRC. Stay tuned.