Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is It "Back To School" Time Yet?

The end of the school year has never had much of an impact on me, except that, in another life, it gave me story material to assign to reporters... Now that I'm home all the time, though, it's going to provide for a "different" dynamic. I have gotten used to being able to surf for jobs in solitude, and the task of getting the boys out the door has provided a comforting rhythm to start my day. Now that the schedule is coming to an end (today is the last day of classes), I will have to find a new rhythm... AND get used to having the kids around.... AND get used to having Mrs. Matthews at home, too(She's a school teacher). The house is gonna get crowded, and FAST. I think it's time for one of Daddy's job applications to come through - and quick! Come on, August!

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Julie Matthews Burnette said...

genuinely one of the world's greatest commercials... good luck this summer, Norg - with the job search AND your family!