Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Aloha, Steve McGarrett!

I read online today that a new generation "Hawaii Five-O" is being developed for television... and all I can say is about freaking time! The original show was one of my campy 60's/70's favorites... Jack Lord with the world's largest pompadour and the willingness to overact with the best of them... He and William Shatner would have made a great pair for a cop show of their own... McGarrett and Hooker!

Anyway... the producer (the guy who currently runs Criminal Minds) says he is not planning to re-invent the wheel... Someone will be cast to play Steve McGarrett's son, who now runs Five-O... and the classic TV theme song , ortiginally performed by the Ventures, will return with a 21st Century sound.

A couple of cool things you may or may not have known about the original Hawaii Five-O...

  • There is no such police agency as "Five-O" in real life... It was a fictional state police investigative squad, named for Hawaii, the 50th state, or "five-o"... Hawaii, by the way, does not have a state police department.

  • Hawaii Five-O is responsible for the creation of "Magnum, P.I.". When Five-O ran its course after many years on the air, CBS wanted another show based in Hawaii to replace it... Hence, the creation of Magnum. In "Magnum, P.I", Five-O and Steve McGarrett, Jack Lord's character, were mentioned on more than one occasion in tribute to the original show.

For you millennials too young to know from a REAL cop show... check out the greatest TV open and theme song of all time!

Book Em Danno!

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