Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I've Been Rejected Again - Thankfully.

A question today for those of you who are currently or who have previously been unemployed against your will.

Have you ever found yourself pushed by a well-meaning friend or colleague to apply for a job that you knew in your heart you did not want? You still apply for it because you really DO need a job, but you're worried to death you might actually get it? Well, I was in that position recently. I was encouraged by someone whose opinion I respect to apply for a job that I am well-qualified for... but it was in a city that I had never considered living in. I went ahead and applied for the position, and had a lovely phone conversation with the hiring manager - who quickly informed me that I would be a finalist for the job.

I spent a couple of weeks wondering what the hell I would do if I received a job offer. In another town, this might be a job I would actually groove on doing. I had nothing against this city, but given where our extended families and friends live, it's unlikely we would ever receive any visitors from home if we moved to this place.
Then, this morning, I received this e-mail:

John -- Wanted you to know after a long process we have decided to promote from within. Part of this honestly is budgetary. I have little doubt that you would have been an excellent person for this job. I know you realize the economic reality of our business these days. I can only wish you the very very best.

Whew. I was relieved, and so was the missus, because if I had been offered the job, I honestly would have been hard put to turn it down. The media business is in such a state of flux right now that the best strategy may very well be to latch on to ANY job offer that comes along and hang on until calmer waters come along, but who the hell knows when THAT will be?
This manager and the company he works for are both rock solid, and I greatly appreciate that he took the time to write such a nice note. Perhaps I will even have the chance to work with him some other time.

But hopefully someplace else!

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Dr. Obnoxious, PhD said...

What city or place, padre? Texas? Florida? Midwest? UKRAINE? Maybe Alaska? WHERE!!!!