Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This Election Makes Me Want To Hurl!

OK... I admit it... I became kind of addicted to coming home in the afternoon the past couple of weeks and having my choice of two of three channels of Olympic coverage pretty much 24/7... And since the games ended on Sunday, I've been missing that. So with the Democratic convention on, and the GOP to follow, I decided to drift over to MSNBC this afternoon to see what was going on there. (I knew MSNBC was channel 84 on my TV because it had the Olympics last week)

I only needed about five minutes with Chris Matthews (Thank God - no relation) before I knew I was not going to satisfy my TV jones by watching election coverage. My God, the guy may as well have a Democratic party donkey stamped on his forehead! He played a clip of Michelle Obama praising Hillary Clinton during her speech, and came out of it by proclaiming, "That was one of the high points of the convention so far!" Someone should have given him a napkin to wipe up his drool!

Now, I realize that in the post-Rush Limbaugh world, neither TV nor radio commentators are expected to be center-of-the-road in their presentations any more... But while these clowns on the left and right pander to their hard-defined marginal target audiences, what's left out there for the two-thirds of us who comprise the muddled middle? These guys are not even trying very hard any more to mask their own bias.

It's bad enough that I'm deeply cynical about the candidates running for President... but to feel the same way about members of the media when I AM (some of the time, anyway) a member of the media? That really sucks.

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