Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This One's For You, Dandy!

My sisters and I had a pug as our pet when we were children, and I'm afraid as a healthy 6-year-old American boy, I probably treated him less than kindly... Although I must say, Dandy (short for his official pedigree name, Gentleman Dandelion) was a wonderful companion until he got killed chasing cars. (I never said Dandy was particularly smart.)

My sister, Julie now has a pug, named Moose, so this video is for him, too! Time to go Pug Bowling!

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Julie Matthews said...

Yes, everywhere else in the world, people worry about dogs biting kids. But not in your case - Dandy never bit you, but you did indeed bite Dandy! Jealous little brat. This is why I won't let you near my beloved Moose. You might hurling him down the hall like a bowling ball, too!