Friday, December 12, 2008

Spare Me! (And Bite Me While You're At It!)

Montgomery County has announced it is dumping it's experiment to play a satellite radio channel designed specifically for kids on school buses. BusRadio plays a lot of Hannah Montana and Jonas Brothers, and mixes in about 4 minutes of commercials an hour. The school system was interested in carrying the channel because studies have shown that the use of music and similar other distractions on school buses keeps down the amount of fighting and bullying.

The plug is being pulled on BusRadio, though, because parents have complained about their children being exposed to advertisements. No, this is not a joke.

Folks - we can nanny our kids to death. But as long as you're "protecting" them, make sure you are also hiding the TV remotes at home... and locking up the computers... Keep them from listening to modern music while you're at it. And while you are limiting their exposure to the outside world, home school them as well. Rip the radios out of your cars. Lock them in their rooms. Cover up the back of the cereal boxes. Padlock the refrigerator. Tell their friends that your child is dead to them. Hermetically seal your homes. Cover the windows. And for God's sake, cancel your newspaper subscription!

If your children are really that impacted by hearing a few commercials, and really can't discern right from wrong, you must really be doing a sh***y job of raising them. Think about that.

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