Monday, January 12, 2009

Obama's Already Helping The Economy!

Ever since Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday became a national holiday, I've been waiting for Mattress Discounters to hold an "I Have A Dream" sale, featuring bed frames that are "Free at last" with every mattress purchase... Tacky? Yes, but it seems like a natural fit.... a better one at least than tying King's birthday to one of those department store "white sales" that are normally held in January.

Well, while I guess we can be thankful that there is still some sensitivity and decorum when it comes to recognizing the late civil rights leader, I can now report that there is no such sensitivity when it comes to the inauguration of our first African-American president!

This is the top half of a full page ad that was in Sunday's Washington Post. Giant Food helpfully points out that the "West Wing Platter" is also known as "Wings of Plenty". And don't forget to use your Giant Bonus Card to get back even more "Change you can believe in"!

Oh - and because it's not a party without inauguration swag - well, Giant has you covered there, too!

I wonder whether, in this spirit of cooperation, Giant Food could help me find a way to work on Inauguration day. ABC News has called, and I am expected downtown at 6 am! Metro will be jammed, and the roads will be closed! Maybe if I just sent them a "West Wing" platter, I could stay home and call it a day!

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