Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sharpen Your Arrows...

...because I'm about to say something nice about President Bush. That's not an easy thing to do in most circles these days. Mr. Bush has been the designated blamee for everything that's gone wrong in this country - especially in the past three years or so. There is a certain level of peer expectation - even among some conservatives - that President Bush is to be summarily dismissed as a Chief Executive.

While his policies are indeed responsible for some of our pain, they certainly are not responsible for all of it - especially on the economic front, despite my mother-in-law's assertions to the contrary.

In the end, history will decide how Dubya did in the White House, but I do want to give him kudos for one thing. George W. Bush managed to hold his head high and bring a certain level of decorum - and maturity - to his Presidency by refusing to respond to the myriad of potshots thrown his way... something his predecessor struggled with a lot. Mr. Bush discussed his philosophy on name-calling with Larry King.

If President Obama takes nothing else as a lesson from President Bush, he would do well to follow this example.

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Julie Matthews said...

The best thing about George Bush is his wife. And his mamma.