Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pizza You Can Believe In!

The inauguration week craziness continues! I showed you a few days ago that local supermarkets are working it hard to get folks to party on for the inauguration... Now, local pizza places are working it, too! I received this e-mail from Ledo this morning!

For those of you who are not in the DC area, the inauguration may not be a big honking deal - at least in terms of being a holiday. But around the DC area, more than 400,000 federal workers have the day off, along with most private businesses in downtown DC and virtually every school district in the area. So local businesses are saying "Yes We Can" to every opportunity to make a buck!


ledomarketing said...

Thank you very much for posting our Inauguration Headquarters poster on your website. I would like to say that we came up with the idea about a month ago when the METRO said they were expecting 5 million people to come to the area. We just want to let our customers know that Ledo Pizza has been the favorite pizza for the area for over 50 years and that they shouldn't forget about us for their inauguration plans. Again, thanks for the mention.

Will Robinson
VP Marketing
Ledo Pizza System, Inc.

John Matthews said...

We are Ledo regulars here in Olney, Maryland... and not just once every four years!