Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Shoutouts From The Beach!

You never know who's reading your stuff online, and it's surprising to find out on occasion that some of your readers are complete strangers!

Our friends, the Wykoffs, were over at our house the other night, and the better half, Wendy, told me within the course of one sentence, that she hates blogs (Thanks, Wendy!), and that her friend, Lisa, is a "Life On The Beach" regular! This is pretty interesting, because Wendy's husband, Scott, is a daily blogger at WBAL Radio. Wendy says she never reads his blog... and I guess it's a marital thing because my wife never reads my blog, either!

In any case... Lisa - thanks for reading! You probably know more about me than any stranger on Earth!

I also receive comments from time to time on my blog entries from readers who I may or may not know... These are people who use aliases, and I have no idea how they found my blog! So, "ecrunner", "myronblock", "Daffernia" and "James", among others, thanks for taking the time for reading my blather from the beach!

Some of you people may enjoy what you read - others may think I'm full of sh**. Don't worry about offending me, because no one knows better than me how full of sh** I am!

Becoming a blogger has been, by far, the best byproduct of losing my job last year. It has given me a reason to keep my nose in the news and to get up in the morning... and as someone whose career has been devoted to keeping an audience, it's been nice to develop an audience of my own.

I know other bloggers who write purely for themselves, and I can understand that catharsis... But I have an ego to be fed and rants to be made! And I appreciate the fact that you lend me your ears - or rather, your EYES - on a semi-regular basis! Thank you!

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