Friday, April 17, 2009

So The Susan Boyle Phenomena Is Not A Formula?

Following up on yesterday's entry about Susan Boyle - the one that sparked a lot of "fan" mail from anonymous "fans" - Take a look at the first appearance of the guy who went on to win "America's Got Talent" last summer. Look familiar?

If this hadn't taken place during the summer, and if the music had been something more popular than opera, you might have seen Neal E. Boyd become a worldwide youtube phenomenon, just as Susan Boyle has. Again - I totally respect their talents, and I truly hope both Neal E. Boyd and Susan Boyle totally capitalize on all of their fame!

Having said that, this piece -like the "Britain's Got Talent" piece for Susan Boyle - is a cleverly concocted formula. Challenging life? Check! Loving Mom? Check! A less-than-stellar look for the talent? Check! Pull a few heart strings, and let 'em rip!

These producers know what they are doing. No happy accidents!

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nick said...

Here's why I think we love Susan Boyle.