Saturday, May 30, 2009

Coming June, 2010... Not Soon Enough For Me!

I just discovered that the first teaser trailer is out for "Toy Story 3", which is coming to theaters in June of next year.

Toy Story is, of course, the signature franchise for Pixar - the only major film studio in Hollywood history to never have a boxoffice flop... and with this weekend's opening of its 10th feature, "UP" drawing rave reviews, it's a sure bet that Pixar's winning streak will continue.

I can't wait for "Toy Story 3", simply because "Toy Story 2" was so fantastic. To my mind, along with "Godfather, Part Two", it is one of the rare sequels of all time that was even better than the original. is asking its readers to choose their favorite Pixar films of all time, and it's interesting to note that the responses are all over the board. There truly is no consensus winner, aside from the most obvious answer that most people seem to like all of the films. Personally speaking, I do have a top 10 list (actually top 9, because I have yet to see "Up")... Your results may vary!

1. The Incredibles - not just my favorite Pixar film... one of my favorite films, PERIOD.
2 Toy Story 2
3. Monsters, Inc. - I'm watching you very closely, Wazowski!
4. Toy Story
5. Ratatouille - More adult than most, but very enjoyable.
6. Finding Nemo - Many people say this was the best one. Many people are wrong.
7. Cars
8. A Bug's Life - Not a bad film, but I bet if they could do it over, it would be much better.
9. Wall-E - The only Pixar film I've ever fallen asleep in. I might have to give it another shot someday, but really - snooze-a-rama.

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