Saturday, May 30, 2009

Me And Susie Had So Much Fun...

I would be remiss (and a little bit chicken) if I didn't post one more blog on good ol' Susan Boyle, now that "Britain's Got Talent" has ended with her losing to a rather bizarre (and in my mind, less talented) dance troupe.

Two things come into play here, I think... First of all, I think Susan peaked too soon. After becoming perhaps the hottest youtube sensation of all time with her first performance, there was simply no way she would ever have been able to match that again. It didn't help that she had a couple of obvious flubs with her second performance last week, and by repeating "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Miz in her final performance, she set herself up for the impossible task of trying to improve on what the public had already decided was perfection. A bad strategy for winning, if you ask me. Here's that final performance:

The second factor in Susan's loss (I think) is the A.D.D. world that we live in... As quickly as Susan Boyle became a star, she just as quickly became yesterday's news. From what I've read, she was never as popular in the U.K. as she is in the U.S., and it's possible there was also a bit of anti-American backlash in the British vote against her.

I still think Susan Boyle did a good job, and I'm happy she really did get to "dream her dream".

But with that - especially since she did not win - I am going to amend my original comments, and predict that Susan Boyle's 15 minutes are now going to run out quietly and peacefully. She does have a pretty voice, but pretty voices are not as rare as many people think.

Fear not, however... As long as they're making Trivial Pursuit, Susan Boyle will always have a place in history - right alongside Ken Jennings, Justin Guarini and John Carpenter.

And Susan - we'll always have youtube!

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