Monday, July 14, 2008

"Heroes" - A Worthy LOST Substitute!

Here's one more item that I had meant to include in the previous "Odds and Ends" post... I just finished watching seasons one and two of "Heroes", the NBC sci-fi series about a group of otherwise-normal people who discover they each have a unique set of superpowers. I had managed to ignore the Heroes phenomenon when it debuted, but with the regular TV season over in May, I needed something to satisfy my boob tube sweet tooth, and Heroes did the trick.

Now, some people have compared Heroes to LOST, the best show on television. "Heroes" is not as good as LOST... Its story arcs are shorter and not nearly as intricate as those on LOST. However, the two are similar in that they tend to end each episode with a cliffhanger that leaves you anxious to watch the next episode, and with Heroes returning to NBC's fall schedule, it will make a nice substitute as I await LOST's return in February. And until Heroes returns, I'll have "Mad Men" to keep me going! Kinda like methadone filling in for heroin, huh? All the same addiction without those nasty withdrawal symptoms!

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